Company: Tutor | HMP High Down, London

Start Date: Dec 2017

End Date: July 2019

Job Description:

HMP High Down, for Novus in London |Tutor | Dec 2017- July 2019

HMP High Down, Novus in London. Novus is a subsidiary of “The Manchester College” and provides training to prisoners throughout the England. 

My role included setting up a new media suite: Providing IT (Word, Excel, Access PowerPoint), Digital skills (Web design, Search Engine Optimisation SEO) and soft skills to students at L2-L3. Liaise with exam bodies on choice of modules, designing the Scheme of Work (SOW), and course delivery material. This includes Presentations, handouts and facilitating workshops. My role is not limited to this as I also provide the training to small groups and deliver one-to one IT session. 

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