Developing a business idea

  1. Developing a business idea who are your customers?
  2. So you want a business? Why? Primary or passive income (one you build up over time)
  3. What are your options? Purchase develop /start up franchise
  4. Developing a business idea/ concept? Needs to provide a service that people need. This could be: a copy/clone of an existing business concept newly identified niche market
  5. What product or service do you provide? Consultancy service mail order delivery download
  6. Where are your customers? Local- window cleaning, handyman & tradesmen regional- man and van removals national- franchises area, global – ecommerce websites, multi-national companies
  7. How can advertise your product or service? TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, local council magazines, billboards, local shops, leaflet drops, email, website, social media
  8. Which is most appropriate /best? Think customer base and expense! Is it viable? TV, radio, newspapers, ecommerce websites, trade magazines, billboards, council magazines, local shops, leaflet drops, social media local regional, national, global.